Grapefruit and Guava Spritzer

It is hot!  And not only that, it is humid!  That, I think, calls for a refreshing drink to cool us down.

I came across this recipe in Pati Jinich’s Mexican Today cookbook and I thought I would try it.  While I love citrus flavors, I am usually not a fan of grapefruit.  But here, the added flavors of guayaba (guava) and tequila offer a sweet and smoky break from the slight bitterness of the grapefruit.  The jalapeño adds a bit of heat, but it is the kind you will enjoy as you cool off at the end of a beautiful “summer” day.

Grapefruit and Guava Spritzer

Grapefruit and Guava Spritzer  (Bebida de Toronja y Guayaba)

2 cups grapefruit juice, freshly squeezed and chilled

4 cups guava nectar, chilled (I used Jumex Brand)

¼ cup agave syrup, to taste

16 ounces tequila blanco

Citrus-flavored  sparkling water, chilled and as needed

Ice cubes

For garnish:

Lime or grapefruit wedges or slices

Jalapeño slices (optional)

Combine the grapefruit juice, guava nectar and agave syrup in a pitcher.  Stir well to combine.  Add more agave if you would like it sweeter.  Add the tequila and stir.  You can set this aside in the refrigerator to chill before serving.

If you are ready to serve, add the ice to your glasses and pour, leaving some room for the sparkling water.  Garnish to your taste.  I like a lime slice and a jalapeño slice to contrast with the “pink” of the drink.  You can also make each drink to taste, adding the tequila to each drink after you add the grapefruit juice, guava nectar and agave syrup mix.  Some people like more or less tequila.


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