Tag: Cinnamon

Black Bean Sauce

If you like mole but hate the time-consuming process, you will LOVE this sauce. It combines black beans with many of the ingredients in traditional moles. The result is a rich sauce you can use with tamales, chicken and even over scrambled eggs for breakfast. I’ve also used […]

Apple Sauce

Autumn has arrived! For those of us that live in the northern half of North America that means apple season. This past weekend on the way home from church, we visited Door Creek Orchard, an apple orchard a few minutes from our house. It is a small orchard […]

Polvorones de Nuez

I don’t eat a lot of cookies, but I do like shortbread cookies.  In fact, we often keep a pack of Keebler Pecan Sandies in our pantry (sometimes Cashew Sandies).  They are great with some ice cream when you want to relax while watching a movie.  I like […]

Arroz con Leche

We weren’t a family that had dessert very often but this was one of our favorites.  Especially when it started getting cold outside.  In southern California that meant the low 50s!  It is a very simple dessert: milk, rice, sugar, raisins and cinnamon.  Sweet and creamy. While reading […]