Month: October 2013

Socca Pizza

This recipe was a nice surprise. I’ve been trying out new ways to use ingredients we like and have in our pantry.  Recently it has been garbanzo flour. And I turned to Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian for some help. He has a recipe for Socca, […]

Garbanzo Crackers

I love garbanzos. Also known as chickpeas, they are delicious in falafel, soups and, of course, the classic hummus. And as a cracker too!  Who knew? This is a basic cracker recipe that can be used with other flours as well.  I used garbanzo/chickpea flour, which is called […]


As I mentioned in an earlier post, we were without a kitchen for a while.  During that time, I had the chance to read through many of the recipes I’ve saved and cookbooks I have used. One of my favorite cookbooks is Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything […]

Fajitas, Vegan Style

Fajitas aren’t technically Mexican food, but they use many of its ingredients in a delicious way.  The first time I had them was at the local Chili’s when I was in college.  And I loved all the grilled vegetables. This is not a traditional fajita recipe, mainly because […]

BASICS: Dried Chiles

I love dried ancho chiles.  They smell like spicy raisins to me.  Sweet, with a little bit of heat.  I call that ¡una combinación deliciosa! Dried chiles are a basic ingredient for most Mexican sauces.  They can be used as a main ingredient for a salsa to drizzle […]

Corn Pudding

Sadly, we are at the end of the sweet corn harvest here in Wisconsin.  I know we can eat corn throughout the year, whether it is frozen or brought in from elsewhere.  But fresh, locally grown corn is delicious. This recipe is from a cookbook David brought back […]

BASICS: Seitan

I think I first came across seitan in my high school cafeteria, which was completely vegetarian (believe it or not).   But it may have been at one of our church potlucks, though I’m sure they didn’t call it seitan. This is definitely not gluten-free.  This is gluten-concentrated.  […]

BASICS: Wild Rice

I’ve eaten a lot of rice in my life.  My mom’s rice, hermana de la iglesia rice (church lady rice at our potlucks), Chinese take-out rice, and a lot of delicious rice in Japan, etc.  But it wasn’t until I moved to the Midwest, that I “discovered” wild […]


Pozole reminds me of menudo. And not the Ricky Martin version of Menudo.  I still remember the song “Súbete a mi moto,” my sister played constantly back in the early 80s. I’m talking about the deliciously rich and flavorful soup we would have every New Year’s Eve.  Most […]