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Dried Beef Dip

I had never heard of dried beef, other than machaca or beef jerky, until I tried this recipe.  And it works amazingly well in this dip. This is a recipe from David’s mom and we have enjoyed it many times, usually when we are watching playoff or championship […]

Smoked Fish Spread

As we continue our vacation along Minnesota’s North Shore, I thought I should share another recipe that was inspired by some of the great food to be found around the Great Lakes.  This comes from the same cookbook I mentioned in the previous post, Dishing Up Minnesota: 150 […]

BASICS: Wild Rice

I’ve eaten a lot of rice in my life.  My mom’s rice, hermana de la iglesia rice (church lady rice at our potlucks), Chinese take-out rice, and a lot of delicious rice in Japan, etc.  But it wasn’t until I moved to the Midwest, that I “discovered” wild […]