David and me (right) with our new puppy, Russell at the Dane County Humane Society, Madison, Wisconsin.

I started a blog a few years ago.  It was not easy to use so I decided to switch to WordPress.  This is the result.  I hope I made the right call.

I wanted a place to share what I was learning about food and what I was tasting.  I don’t know much about blogging and I’m an amateur cook.  I’m still learning so this site may have some major changes coming up.   It is a start.

I live with my husband, David, in Madison, Wisconsin.  It is in a beautiful part of the country and it’s a great city.   We have two great dogs (Darwin and Russell, the puppy above) and they are lucky that Madison loves its dog parks.  I grew up in California but I’ve also had the chance to live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Atlanta, Georgia and Hiroshima, Japan.  We have also traveled around the USA and elsewhere, so you may see some recipes inspired from where I have lived and our travels.

This has been fun so far.  I’ll see, and definitely taste, what happens next!

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  1. Hi ! Thanks for following my blog ! Yours is pretty awesome too. I like above all how you explain all the steps and show pictures of them: great and patient job !
    I had a quick look at some of your recipes and I definitely want to try el caldo Michi !
    Now I am one of your followers, so I’ll be in touch with your new posts !
    Nice to meet you,

  2. Hi there, thanks for liking my post on my version of a Serbian Apricot Torte. It really was fab! I hope you try it, it wasn’t hard to make at all.
    I love the sound of your fantastic Mexican food, can’t wait to try the scrambled eggs with Tomatillo sauce. Bunny

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog today! I’m going to be trying a new batch of hominy later this week but I have lots of onions (30 pounds) and winter squash (60 pounds) from last summer that need to be cooked and frozen first before they go bad. Then the hominy.

    I liked your corn chip recipe and I’ll be trying that out very soon.

  4. Thanks for following my blog. I’m a newbie as well, so still figuring everything out as I go. Nice to have company for the journey!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and following! I’ve taken a quick look around, and will definitely be exploring your recipes, and following you with the new ones! See you around.

  6. Thank you so much for checking out my blog, uberdish, and liking some of my recipes! It’s so nice to meet you and discover your great blog. Right now, I am really drawn to your roasted chickpeas and want to make them very soon. 🙂

      • Thanks! It’s great to feel a part of this blogging community, especially to find kindred spirits and fellow foodies who inspire us in turn. I’m glad to pass this award on to you – well-deserved and hope you enjoy.

  7. hey–thanks for the follow. Loving your childhood picture (that is you?)–gotta love those yearbook smiles. Hope you find posts you enjoy at food for fun. I am looking forward to exploring what you’ve done. Welcome to WordPress 🙂

    • Thanks for the welcome. That picture was taken when I was almost 4 years old. I’m having a lot of fun checking out what people are doing with their blogs and their food. And I’m glad I’ll be able to keep up with all that you are doing too.

  8. I’m really enjoying reading your blog and look forward to keeping up on your latest! I like all the recipes, especially the personal and family versions along with the story behind it. Thank you for following!

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