Paletas de Jamaica con Frambuesa

If you have ever lived in Mexico or in one of the US-Mexico border states, you have probably seen a paletero pushing his little cart. We even have paleteros here in Madison, Wisconsin!

A paletero sells paletas. But what are paletas? They are basically ice pops, popsicles or whatever you would call something similar. The word paleta comes from the word palo (Spanish for stick).  This little stick holds some delicious and refreshing frozen fruit that you can enjoy on a warm summer evening.

I have been looking for paleta molds for a few months. I went to every kitchen supply store in Madison and some in the Twin Cities. But I wanted molds that used the traditional wooden stick. I finally had to order them from World Market. They work great, but I really like the smooth, rectangular form of Mexican paletas. But these are just as delicious.

This recipe is from the book, Paletas: Authentic Recipes for Mexican Ice Pops, Shaved Ice & Aguas Frescas by Fany Gerson. If you can, take a look at her recipes. They will cool you right down just thinking about them!

I used the recipe for agua de Jamaica that I’ve already posted, but you could use your own. But I like the tart flavor of mine.


Paletas de Jamaica con Frambuesa – Hibiscus and Raspberry Popsicles

2 cups agua de jamaica

2/3 cups sugar

3 – 4 cups raspberries, fresh or frozen

Combine the agua de jamaica with 1/3 cup sugar in a small sauce pan. Cook over medium heat until the sugar dissolves completely. Set aside and cool completely in the refrigerator.


In a glass bowl, mix the raspberries and the remaining 1/3 cup of sugar. Mix well and let them sit for about 30 minutes. I like to stir the raspberries a few times during the 30 minutes to help release some of their juice.


After 30 minutes, divide the raspberries and their juice into your popsicle mold. Then, pour in the chilled agua de jamaica. Snap on the lid, add the popsicle stick and place in the freezer until solid (about 5-6 hours).

When they are ready, take them out and enjoy!


This is a link to some other delicious paletas you can make.

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  1. Reblogged this on Health & Tonic and commented:
    Les dejo esta deliciosa receta de Paletas de Jamaica con Frambuesa del El Chino Latino Cocina. Les traduzco los ingredientes y el procedimiento:
    2 tazas de agua de jamaica
    2/3 de taza de azúcar. (Nota de Yuyis: Puedes suplirlo con stevia o splenda, quizá un poco de miel de agave).
    De 3 a 4 tazas de frambuesas (frescas o congeladas)

    Combina el agua de jamaica con 1/3 de taza del endulzante seleccionado en un sartén pequeño. Caliéntalo a fuego medio hasta que la azúcar se disuelva (o el endulzante). Deja que se enfríe por completo en el refrigerador.
    En un recipiente de vidrio, mezcla las frambuesas con el resto del endulzante. Mezcla por completo, y déjalas reposar al rededor de 30 minutos. El Chino Latino Cocina nos recomienda revolverlas para que las frambuesas saquen su jugo.
    Después de 30 minutos, coloca las frambuesas y su jugo en un molde de paletas o en vasos de vidrio o plástico que te puedan servir de molde. Deja espacio para agregar agua de jamaica.
    Agrega el agua de jamaica.
    Déjalas en el refrigerador hasta que estén completamente congeladas- de 5 a 6 horas.

  2. I love the mixture of flavours of these ices – more interesting than the ones I have made. I have never tried the jamaica flowers before, but will look for them next time I visit the South American specialty shops in Toronto.

    • It is a great combination of flavors. But I love agua de jamaica any time. It is tart and refreshing on a hot summer day. But I found a spicy mezcal-orange recipe I want to try. Also an interesting combination of flavors.

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