Roasted Corn and Cheese

The Olympics are behind us and March Madness approaches. Events like these bring people together.  But a calm, warm summer day can do the same. And this dip can make it a delicious time too.

Blessed as we are with corn and with cheese in Wisconsin, I’ve made this recipe a few times since I read it in Eating Well’s July/August 2012 issue.  It is great with fresh corn or frozen corn, even in the middle of a “Polar Vortex” winter.  And it is an easy recipe to make.  I’ve made only a few changes.

According to the magazine, this recipe was inspired by queso fundido (in Spanish, melted cheese). Though they recommend bread, I prefer a firm tortilla chip or a sturdy cracker.

I subscribe to a few food magazines so I’d like to post more of their recipes.  Maybe not a “Magazine Monday” post, but something like that.  In Spanish, I have Martes and Miércoles for alliteration too.  A bit of breathing room!


Roasted Corn Cheese Dip

3 cups corn kernels (fresh or frozen)

2 cups sharp Cheddar cheese, shredded

1 8-ounce package of cream cheese, cut into small cubes

1 teaspoon Ancho chile powder

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Oil a cast-iron skillet (10-12 inches) and heat over medium heat.  Add the corn kernels and stir until they are slightly brown.


Take the skillet off the heat and add the cream cheese and the Cheddar cheese.  Mix well and place the skillet in the oven.

Bake until the corn and cheese is slightly brown and bubbling (about 20 minutes).


Once it is ready, sprinkle the Ancho chile powder over the top and it is ready to serve.

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