A summer would not be complete without at least one good Margarita.  There are a lot of varieties out there.  This past winter in Ixtapa, we made a Tamarindo Margarita that was delicious.  But I like this Margarita.  It is simple, clean and refreshing.

There seems to be some controversy about who invented the Margarita and where it was invented.  If you’re interested, these are a couple of links I found about it.

Food & Think – Smithsonian Magazine


Once Upon a Time in Mexico – The Origin of the Margarita – Imbibe Magazine


The basic ingredients are silver tequila, Cointreau, and limes.  But you can very easily make your own version by playing with these ingredients a bit.

Below is a classic take on the Margarita.



1 cup tequila (silver) –  I use Herradura

½ cup of Cointreau (you can use triple sec or Grand Marnier)

½ cup (or more) of freshly squeezed lime juice (about 2 – 3 limes)

Some agave nectar, if you like a sweeter drink

1 lime, to rub on the rim of each glass

Kosher salt

Ice, crushed

Pour the first four ingredients into a pitcher and stir.

Take your glasses (I use martini glasses) and rub the rim with the reserved lime.  Place the salt on a small plate and level it out.  Dip the glass rims into the salt and twist it around so you have an even amount around the rim.

Fill a cocktail shaker with crushed ice.  Pour half of the contents of the pitcher into the shaker.  Cover and shake.  If you want a stronger drink, shake enough for the drink to cool down.  Shake longer so the ice melts into the drink, if you want one that isn’t so strong.


Pour into the prepared glasses and enjoy!


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