BASICS: Roasting Peppers


Many recipes call for roasted peppers.  You can buy those that come from a glass jar or even a can, but I don’t like the taste of the vinegar that is used to preserve some of them. That might be fine for some recipes, but I’ve found that I don’t like that taste in the food I make.  Below is a basic recipe for peppers in general.  They can be green, red, Anaheim peppers, etc.  Here I am using poblano peppers (the fresh version of the dried ancho chile), a jalapeño, and an Anaheim pepper.

Preheat your oven to the Broiler setting.  Wash and dry the peppers and place on a baking sheet.  Place the the sheet in the oven.  Watch the peppers for blistering.  They should be charred before you turn them to the other side.


Once they are charred all around, place them in a plastic bag you can seal or in a bowl covered with aluminum foil or plastic wrap.  Let them steam for at least a 30 minutes.

You can then take them and peel the charred outside of the peppers and take out the seeds.  If you can, try not to rinse the peppers with water.  It washes a lot of the flavor away.  But they will still taste good even if you do that.  Much better than a canned pepper!  You can then chop them and use them as you want.

If you have a gas grill, you can roast them directly over the flame.  Just make sure to let them steam in a plastic bag or in a covered bowl.



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